LGBT Therapy in Kerala

A safe space   –    Healmind is a safe space for you to explore your identity and sexuality.


The one-stop destination for lgbt people

Healmind is an innovative Online Counselling platform  that helps heal the mental health issues that plague the LGBTQ+ community. We offer workshops, counselling sessions, and more!

Meet a counsellor in a few clicks

With a click of a button, you can find gay-friendly, homophobic-free and even gender dysphoria-friendly counsellors in your area to help with your situation.

Recognise your identity

We are cognizant of the many different identities that exist in the lgbt community, and will work with you to create a safe space to explore your sexual orientation, gender presentation, and gender identity.

We’re here for you

We are a peer-to-peer counselling platform that offers free counselling sessions to lgbt youth. We are available 7 days a week for any worries, problems, or just want to chat.

Reasons for LGBT  Therapy

Self Acceptance

Familial and social support

Personal growth and empowerment

Coming out

Relationship Issues

Mental health concerns

Discrimination and stigma

Gender Dysphoria

About lgbtqia+ Therapy in Kerala

The lgbt therapy aims to be a valuable resource of information that confronts our current moment through the knowing that many in the therapy profession were once perceived as treating an illness. The lgbt therapy is a mental health counseling practice that is affirming, supportive and hopeful in working with individuals who are struggling to look at life through a different perspective. We affirm the self and strive to provide a safe place where people can “feel like they matter” (Andrea R. Clark). 

We approach each session with a holistic approach including no-nonsense conversation, creativity, and playfulness. We work with young adults and older adults for a variety of mental health struggles including: Anxiety, depression, substance use issues, emotional eating, struggling with sexual orientation or gender identity concerns

Looking for help with you sexual orientation or gender identity? We work with families, LGBTQ youth and adults to meet their individual needs. Let us help you feel comfortable in your own skin.

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