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What is Healmind about ?

Healmind is the Malayalam online therapy platform . It includes qualified Clinical Psychologists whom will help you to resolve your life challenges . Healmind makes professional therapy available anytime, anywhere, through a computer, tablet or smartphone

How do i schedule my session ?

After you log in to healmind, we are guiding you through various services we are providing and you can click on button Begin therapy you can give us your contact details m ASAP Healmind will contact you and book your appointment.

How are a clinical psychologist verified ?

We, Healmind includes a set of RCI recognised Licensed Clinical Psychologist who has the potential to guide you through your difficult time. Well experienced and licensed Clinical Psychologists are only a few and we are happy to provide their services.

What are the modalities of online sessions provided by heal mind?

After you press the button for Begin therapy and fill registration form, the Healmind will contact you and book your session.

You can either do an audio call with the therapist or a video WhatsApp call or we will arrange a zoom meeting according to your preferences

<br /> How could I connect to my therapist?<br />

Heal mind provides professional contact with your therapist through scheduling appointments. You can not contact your therapist personally through phone or any other modalities without an appointment.

Can my kids attend online sessions

Mental stress or negative parenting style and environmental issues influence child’s behaviour, thought and functioning. Children along with their parents can attend online sessions.

Can I reach out to Healmind in case of an emergency?

Healmind is an online platform to obtain advice and therapy to guarantee support for your well-being. We do not provide emergency support. During the course of therapy, if an emergency arises, we recommend that you seek help in the nearest hospital where you can connect with a psychiatrist or mental health expert, in person. We also suggest that you involve a relative or a partner to help you on such occasions.

What are the advantages of online Counselling?

 Our online therapy service helps clients overcome their issues through the use of live chat sessions, email, Skype and telephone. Clients are able to communicate with a trained Online therapist directly via these methods. This allows for increased confidentiality, reduced travel expenses and accessibility to all parts of the country. know more about advantages of online Counselling

Is online therapy as effective as face-to-face therapy?

Online therapy has a lot of benefits. First of all, it’s convenient and costs considerably less than face – to – face counselling sessions. The empathetic approach of your online  therapist can help you is by listening to what’s going on in your life and explaining techniques you can use to cope with stress and other problems. In that respect, an online therapist can be as effective as one who sees you face-to-face.

Is online counseling safe?

Is online counseling safe? It’s a question that many people who are considering online therapy ask themselves. And it’s a legitimate question, because there are potential security threats to data and private information. If you’re thinking about engaging in online counseling or therapy, here’s some information to help you understand the potential security issues and what steps we take to ensure your privacy is protected.

How do I prepare for online Counselling?

There are a number of things you can do to prepare for your counselling session. Firstly, it is important that you arrange some time in advance to ensure that you have the right space and time available. We suggest allowing 45 minutes to an hour for your counselling call. Learn More about how to prepare for an online therapy and also see what can expect from therapy

What is virtual counselling?

 Online therapy is an example of a hybrid model. It fills the gap between self-help and traditional therapy by providing clients with access to a professional counsellor at times and in places when they otherwise would not have it.  In Virtual Counselling You and your therapist will decide together how often you will meet, how much time will be spent in each session, and what type of technology is most appropriate for your needs. As online counselling grows in popularity, more and more therapists are becoming trained in this approach. 

Can I use WhatsApp for counselling ?

Yes, you can use WhatsApp for counseling. The video call feature of WhatsApp (and similar apps) allows you to see your clients face to face, which makes them feel more comfortable and allows a richer client-counselor relationship. In fact, it is probably one of the best platforms for conducting counseling that is available with maximum privacy and security. Since there is no registration process, users don’t have to worry about their data being compromised as in other platforms.”

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