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Healmind is the best and the largest online Malayalam counselling service in Kerala. Our team is comprised of dedicated doctors, compassionate psychologists, and skilled social workers.

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Healmind provides Best Online Counselling in Kerala.  which is  fairly affordable and convenient to all Keralites . In our online counselling, you can talk to a Malayali psychologist from the comfort of your home! With no commute and no waiting room.

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Therapy For Me

Healmind’s Online psychotherapy or counselling, is mental health support for you  in which a trained therapist works one-on-one with a client to address emotional, psychological, or behavioral issues.



Therapy For us

Healmind’s Online Couple Therapy is psychotherapy designed to help you to improve your relationships, address conflicts, and develop healthier ways of communicating and relating to each other.



Therapy For Me&Family

Healmind’s Online psychotherapy focuses on improving the functioning and well-being of your family. It recognizes that one family member’s issues can impact the entire family system. we help you to be Much Happy

Healmind's Clinical psychologist talking to her Client. individual therapy


Malayalam Speaking



Whether you’re a child, individual or couple – we’ve got something for you! Our team of experienced psychologists understand all types of issues that people go through. With reliable service and affordable prices , there’s no excuse not to talk to us today.

RCI Licensed Therapists

As Healmind is a team of RCI Licensed Clinical Psychologits in Kerala . We promise the Best Therapeutical experience for you. WE ensure quality of Online Counselling Service for you by providing Experienced, Licensed Therapists(Gov India).

Affordable and Private

Healmind is often more affordable than traditional in-person therapy. We offer a variety of pricing options to fit your budget. We takes your privacy seriously. We use the latest security measures to protect your data and ensure that your sessions are confidential

Online 24/7 access from anywhere

When you need help. Healmind offers 24/7 Support. We provide best online counselling in Kerala via Google meet , Zoom or Whatsapp to answer any questions or offer emotional support.

Get personalised care

Our team of online psychologists are experts in their field. Whether you need help with stress and anxiety, family conflict, depression or anything else, they’ve got your back!


Our Online Psychologists from Kerala

You can go through the list of  mental health professionals in Kerala. The list consists of Clinical Psychologists, Consultant Psychologists, and Psychiatric Social Workers. They are Licensed under the Rehabilitation Council of India with extensive experience in Couple Therapy, Child Therapy, and Individual Therapy. Well-experienced to address Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, Sexual issues, Gender Dysphoria, and Postpartum issues and more.

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CEO – Healmind 

Ms.Arpitha Sachindran an experienced Clinical Psychologist  with RCI License worked in many mental health settings including reputed hospitals, private clinics, and community services. She completed her MPhil from NIEPMD, focuses on strengthening the quality of life of clients from the perspective of positive psychology.

Arpitha specializes in Marital- sex therapy, Personality Disorders, Mood Disorders, Gender dysphoria, and Women’s mental health.
Expertise in CBT, DBT, MBCT, ACT and Dynamics. Know more about Arpitha Sachindran

Experienced therapist & trainer passionate about mental well-being in children and adolescents.</p>
<p>Licensed Clinical Psychologist (RCI)<br />
Expertise in assessments, therapy, and play/art therapy<br />
Over 10 years of experience in clinical practice, research, and training<br />
Dedicated to knowledge sharing and community outreach<br />
Focuses on holistic approaches to empower young minds.


Clinical Psychologist

Aswathi Velloor is a licensed clinical psychologist accredited by RCI specializing in child and adolescent psychology and psychoanalysis.

She graduated from Calcutta University in Kolkata. Additionally, she holds an associate membership with IPS, Kolkata, affiliated with IPA London .
Expertise in mood disorders, addictions, sexual dysfunction, and Gender dysphoria. She has honed her skills in various supportive therapies recognizing the importance of holistic approaches in mental health treatment.

Athulya S Clinical Psychologist in Kerala. based in Kochi


Clinical Psychologist

Ms. Athulya S Praveen is a licensed clinical psychologist completed her MPhil Clinical Psychology from Amrita Institute of Medical Science, Ernakulam.
Clinical Psychologist with experience in addiction, anxiety, mood disorders, and relationships . Skilled in online therapy and corporate wellness.

She was trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Behaviour therapy (BT),Cognitive Behaviour Therapy(CBT), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and many other psychotherapeutic approaches. Know more about Athulya S Praveen

anusree P R Clinical Psychologist , Online Counselling in Kerala, psychotherapist in Kerala


Clinical Psychologist

Mrs.Anusree PR is a licensed clinical psychologist who is registered under the Rehabilitation Council of India after successfully achieving her M. Phil Clinical Psychology from NIEPMD . She has extensive experience in the field of child rehabilitation and parental management training,  dealing with behavioral issues among children/persons with a disability.

She is successful in dealing with adjustment issues, depression and anxiety disorders, and other neurotic disorders through CBT. She also extends her service at the community level through various awareness and training programs. Know more about Anusree P r

Hemil clinical psychologist ,He provides Online Counselling in Kerala


Clinical Psychologist

Hemilnath E.G is working as a clinical psychologist with registered under RCI (Rehabilitation Council of India) for the last two years.

He completed MPhil from the National Institute for Empowerment of persons with multiple disabilities (NIEPMD). His areas of interest in anxiety disorders, personality disorders, mood disorders, and neurorehabilitation and management. He has research publications in international and indian journals of psychology. Mr. Hemil  is a member of many professional organizations such as  IACP-KR and psychology circle.   Know more about Hemil E G

picture of Anju p varghese senior clinical psychologist in  Kochi.

Anju P Varghese

Clinical Psychologist

Ms. Anju P Varghese, is an experienced clinical psychologist who is registered under rehabilitation council of India(RCI NO:A63816).

She has years of experience working in government and private sectors. She provide online therapy rooted in an insight-oriented integrative approach promoting holistic well-being and client-centered therapeutic approaches depending on the individual’s psychological needs and problems by using different psychotherapeutic methods.

Akash Mohan Clinical Psychologist


Clinical Psychologist

Akash Mohan is a RCI Licensed Clinical Psychologist specialising in De-addiction recovery, stress and anxiety disorders, and personality disorders. He was graduated from NIEPMD, Chennai affiliated with Dr. MGR Medical University.

He has extensive training in conducting assessments, administering tests, and evaluating individuals to determine the nature and severity of their mental health conditions. Know more about Akash Mohan

Anjaly George Clinical Psychologist


Clinical Psychologist

Ms.Anjaly George is a licensed clinical psychologist .She completed her M.Phil in Clinical Psychology from National Institute of Empowerment for Persons with Multiple Disabilities (NIEPMED),Chennai and M.A in Applied Psychology from TISS, Mumbai.

She has also completed online certificate course in Basic skills and applications of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy from NIMHANS, Bangalore. Know more about Anjali George

Archana K M Clincal Psychologist Healmind


Clinical Psychologist

Ms.Archana K.M is a licensed clinical psychologist registered under Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI). She had completed her MPhil in Clinical Psychology from the National Institute of Empowerment for Persons with Multiple Disabilities (NIEPMED), Chennai.

She is an expert in dealing with children, de-addiction, parental guidance, and psychological and psychiatric problems. Her expertise includes BT, CBT and various other therapies.  about Archana K M

Aysha Rifna Clinical Psychologist.

Aysha Rifna

Clinical Psychologist

RCI licensed professional in clinical psychology. Dedicated to serving patients in a meaningful way, listening to their concerns and helping them learn how to approach their mental, emotional, and behavioral problems. Excels at providing different psychotherapeutic approaches to help them facilitate social, vocational, and personal adjustment to allow them to lead more meaningful and fulfilling lives.Completed masters from Jamia Millia Islamia and  Mphil from IMHANS.

shifana Clinical Psychologist works in Healmind- online counselling therapist in Kochi, Kerala


Clinical Psychologist

Shifana, a licensed clinical psychologist, empowers children, teens, and adults to overcome challenges. With a warm and welcoming approach, she tailors therapy to your unique needs, drawing from a range of techniques like CBT, DBT, and family therapy.

Shifana’s passion lies in helping you manage stress, anxiety, depression, and more, while reducing the stigma surrounding mental health.

Priyadharshini Clinical Psychologit From Tamil nadu, Speaking Tamil and English , Online Counselling in Tamil

Priyadharshini Kanthara

Clinical Psychologist

Priyadharshini(She/Her) is a clinical psychologist dedicated to empowering clients. With over 5 years of experience and a Master’s in Clinical Psychology (2019), she uses a holistic, evidence-based approach.

 Priyadharshini specializes in CBT and assessments, tailoring therapy to each client’s needs. Her experience includes diverse populations and families. Committed to staying current, she fosters resilience and self-awareness in her clients.

Ms.Anu U V is an experienced Clinical Psychologist who is registered under Rehabilitation Council Of India after successfully achieved her Mphil in Clinical Psychology from PGIBAMS, Raipur. Last 6 years she is practicing in the field of Clinical Psychology. She is trained in Behavior therpay (BT), CBT and many other psychotherapeutic approaches

Anu Vandana

Clinical Psychologist

Ms.Anu U V is an experienced Clinical Psychologist who is registered under Rehabilitation Council Of India after successfully achieved her Mphil in Clinical Psychology from PGIBAMS, Raipur.
Last 6 years she is practicing in the field of Clinical Psychology. Personality disorder, Mood disorder, Relationship issues, Postpartum Depression are her expertise. She is trained in Behavior therpay (BT), CBT and many other psychotherapeutic approaches

Consultant Psychologist Healmind Online Counselling in Kerala


Consultant Psychologist

Mr. Jipson Sebastian is a Consultant Psychologist and mental health Professional who is expertise to provide Psychological help for individuals, Who are going through various emotional crisis.

He completed his Post Graduation (MSc Psychology) From Indira Gandhi National Tribal University, Madhya Pradesh,India.

He is an expert in  Couple therapy and Child psychology. Behavior Therapy and CBT are skillfully handled by him.

Ashik Junaid psychiatric social worker . calicut , ernakulam , kerala


Psychiatric Social Worker

An Imhans Kozhikode alumna who had completed M.Phil in Psychiatric Social work with Second rank from Kerala University of Health Science during 2019_2021. He is an authorized mental health professional under state mental health authority, Kerala. 

He was trained in Behaviour therapy (BT) , Cognitive Behaviour Therapy(CBT), Parental Management Training(PMT),Psychoanalytic psychotherapy and many other psychotherapeutic approaches.

Athira psychologist Healmind


Consultant Psychologist

Athira received her Integrated Master’s Degree in Clinical and Counselling Psychology from the Central University of Karnataka, in the year of 2020. She  had experience working as an individual counselor and therapist.

Athira utilizes a variety of recognized therapeutic modalities including CBT, DBT, Psychoeducation, Play therapy, and Behavior Modifications.

IMAGE OF Shintu A psychiatric social worker AT Healmind


Psychiatric Social Worker

Shintu has completed her MPhil in Psychiatric Social Work from the Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (IMHANS) with first class. She has interested in working and is also clinically supervised to deal with individuals with Anxiety, depression,  OCD, Adjustment problems, Family counselling , couple therapy, and Addiction counseling. She has been trained in CBT, BT, and psychoanalytical psychotherapy

Ms. Anjali Prakash is a consultant psychologist


Consultant Psychologist

Ms. Anjali Prakash is a consultant psychologist. She completed her post-graduation (MSc psychology) from LISSAH College Kaithapoil. She has extensive experience in working with children, is certified in learning disability management and dealing with cases of personality disorders, and sexual disorders, and also is a family therapist.She has experience in dealing with behaviour problems

Deena K Varghese Clinical Psychologist, Kochi

Deena K Varghese

Clinical Psychologist

Deena K Varghese is an RCI licensed Clinical Psychologist who holds an M. Phil Degree in Clinical Psychology from IMHANS, Kozhikode. 

She renders her services to clients with a range of mental health issues like mood, anxiety, personality disorders as well as marital and family adjustment problems. She has expertise in psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and family therapy.

Ms.Praneetha clinical Psychologyst Healmind Online counselling in Kerala

Praneetha P

Clinical Psychologist

Ms. Praneetha  is a licensed Clinical Psychologist  completed her MPhil Clinical Psychology from Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, Medical College-Kozhikode.

She was trained in Behaviour therapy (BT),Cognitive Behaviour Therapy(CBT), Psychoanalytic psychotherapy and SFBT. She is genuinely passionate towards improving the quality of mental health wellbeing among individuals who are experiencing various mental health issues. Know more about Praneetha



Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)

CBT focuses on identifying and changing negative thought patterns and behaviors. It is a short-term, problem-focused therapy that is effective for a wide range of mental health conditions, including anxiety, depression, and eating disorders.

Psychodynamic therapy

Psychodynamic therapy focuses on understanding and resolving unconscious conflicts that are thought to be the root of mental health problems. It is a longer-term therapy that can be helpful for people who have experienced trauma or abuse.

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)

 DBT is a type of CBT that focuses on helping people manage their emotions and behaviors. It is  effective for people with borderline personality disorder and other mental health conditions that are denoted by emotional instability.

Acceptance and commitment therapy

ACT is a type of therapy that focuses on helping people accept their thoughts and feelings, and to commit to living a meaningful life. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is effective for anxiety, depression, and chronic pain and many more



At Healmind’s Online Malayalam counselling , it’s all about you! Our online counselling service guarantees your privacy and confidentiality so you can focus on what’s important – talking about what’s really on your mind.

Healmind  is one of the best online psychotherapy centre in Kerala, which provides counselling and talk therapy to customers through online. HealMind has been providing psychological services for mental health problems like anxiety, stress, depression and burnout etc. The Malayalam online psychologist in Kerala helps you recover from mental health problem by providing services of famous psychotherapists.  Talking therapy  is beneficial for people who cannot visit the psychologist or psychiatrist due to work commitments or any other reason. With HealMind you can book an appointment with best mental health professionals and communicate with them through text chat, audio/video (Zoom )call or email



Child Therapy

It is important to diagnose and treat children as early as possible because an early intervention can help make a difference in the health of their future. Treating mental healthcare-related problems as soon as possible will help reduce illness, social dysfunction and negative life outcomes for children. This includes ensuring that young people get support from birth through adolescence to manage severe psychiatric disorders and unhealthy lifestyles.

kerala women attending online counselling from healmind

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a treatment that uses psychological means to help you identify your emotional and personality problems or disorders. It helps you develop the self-awareness necessary for recovery and comes from trauma, learned behaviour, and defence mechanisms that have been shaped by previous experiences. Our therapists will help you to Resolve your problems and gain harmony of life 


happy couples after attending online counselling in kerala from healmind

Couple Therapy

Couples therapy helps you and your partner acknowledge the specific behaviors and attitudes that are creating distance between you, learn how to communicate effectively, and address problems that are creating distance between you. Couples therapy is a way to develop the skills needed to resolve problems and move toward healthier communication and more positive connection.


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    WHY Counselling ?

     Therapy is a time-tested way of treating mental disorders and other problems in a very natural way. It helps people deal with their problems in such a manner that they are able to experience relief and happiness.

    This method involves using therapies, counselling, meditation and yes; even biofeedback that help improve the mind and treat psychological issues like depression, anxiety and stress.

    Therapy can be used as a supplement or replacement of medication but both have individual benefits and risks. Therapists are trained professionals who know how to help their clients overcome various kinds of psychological issues with their natural human resources like rational thinking, empathy and mindfulness. It has been proven that safe treatment methods like cognitive behavioural therapy, psychodynamic therapy etc completely address mental disorders causing people pain and suffering due to its negative effects on daily life activities.

    Importance Online Counselling in

    Online counselling ( MeSH -D000068237 ) is a convenient, affordable way to improve your mental health. In-person therapy can be time consuming and expensive, especially when you have an erratic schedule or have limited access to local therapists. With online therapy, you can work with a professional at a time that works for your busy schedule or budget. Online Counselling will be very helpful for migrant Malayali or Keralites. Kerala Migration Survey (KMS) 2014 shows there are 36.5 keralites live in abroad

        Mental Health Teletherapy  is a good option for people who have access to the internet and need assistance with a non-urgent problem. The online counselling industry has grown over the past decade because so many people struggle with mental health issues and made people much happier with the help of Technology. It could behoove you to find a reputable therapist who can help you manage your symptoms and reduce anxiety or depression. Healimind Helped 1000s of Keralites to regain their Happiness

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the advantages of online Counselling in Kerala ?

    Our online therapy service helps clients overcome their issues through the use of live chat sessions, email, Skype and telephone. Clients are able to communicate with a trained Online therapist in Kerala  directly via these methods. This allows for increased confidentiality, reduced travel expenses and accessibility to all parts of the country. know more about advantages of online Counselling

    Is Malayalam online therapy as effective as face-to-face therapy?

    Online therapy has a lot of benefits. First of all, it’s convenient and costs considerably less than face – to – face counselling sessions. Where ever you may be you can Connect to  Best Clinical psychologists in Kerala /  No.1 Online Counselling Centre in Kerala and attend therapy in You Mother tongue   The empathetic approach of your online  therapist can help you is by listening to what’s going on in your life and explaining techniques you can use to cope with stress and other problems. In that respect, an online therapist can be as effective as one who sees you face-to-face.

    Is Malayalam online counseling safe?

    Is online counseling safe? It’s a question that many people who are considering online therapy ask themselves. And it’s a legitimate question, because there are potential security threats to data and private information. If you’re thinking about engaging in online counselling or therapy, here’s some information to help you understand the potential security issues and what steps we take to ensure your privacy is protected.

    Who are the best psychologists in Kerala?

    The best psychologists in Kerala are licensed and qualified mental health professionals who have the necessary education, training, and experience to provide effective therapy and support to individuals. It is important to research and find a psychologist that you feel comfortable with and who specializes in the specific issue you are facing.

    How do I prepare for online Counselling from Kerala ?

    There are a number of things you can do to prepare for your counselling session. Firstly, it is important that you arrange some time in advance to ensure that you have the right space and time available. We suggest allowing 45 minutes to an hour for your counselling call. Learn More about how to prepare for an online therapy and also see what can expect from therapy

    What is virtual counselling?

    Online therapy is an example of a hybrid model. It fills the gap between self-help and traditional therapy by providing clients with access to a professional counsellor at times and in places when they otherwise would not have it.  In Virtual Counselling You and your therapist will decide together how often you will meet, how much time will be spent in each session, and what type of technology is most appropriate for your needs. As online counselling grows in popularity, more and more therapists are becoming trained in this approach. Healmind is leading online Counselling in Kerala

    Can I use WhatsApp for Online counselling ?

    Yes, you can use WhatsApp for counselling. The video call feature of WhatsApp (and similar apps) allows you to see your clients face to face, which makes them feel more comfortable and allows a richer client-counselor relationship. In fact, it is probably one of the best platforms for conducting counseling that is available with maximum privacy and security. Since there is no registration process, users don’t have to worry about their data being compromised as in other platforms.”

    How can I find Malayalam psychologist near me?

    If you are looking for Malayalam psychologist near , you can find them on Healmind. We provide services like life counseling, relationship consulting and more to people across the globe!
    Check the profile of the therapists and can find the your nearest therapist.

    "I've been seeing a counsellor at Healmind and I'm very satisfied with the quality of service they provide. They have an easy to use interface and all the professionals are licensed."

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