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Expertise in Child, adolescent and adult psychological, psychiatric and neurological disorders.

Sreerekha Mohan An Clinical Psychologist expertise in Malayalam counselling online , Child Therapy, Individual therapy, Online Counselling in Kerala

Sreerekha Mohan

Licensed Therapist

Ms. Sreerekha Mohan is a licensed clinical psychologist registered under Rehabilitation Council of India(RCI)(A63465) after graduating MPhil in Clinical Psychology. Currently she is pursuing PhD in Psychology from Prajyoti Niketan College, Thrissur. She has years of experience working in government and private sectors and expertise in dealing with child, adolescent and adult psychological and psychiatric problems Both offline and online counselling sessions. She is also certified in managing children with Learning Disability. She has conducted numerous seminars, webinars and classes for government health workers, ASHAS, students and general population
on mental health awareness, suicide prevention, maternal mental health, stress management, depression awareness etc. She uses client-centered therapeutic approaches depending on the individual’s psychological needs and problems by using different psychotherapeutic methods such as CBT, BT, Positive psychological interventions, Mindfulness based therapy etc. She has immense experience in dealing with behaviour problems in children and anxiety, depression, OCD and other neurotic and psychotic disorders in adolescents and adults.

I Work With Individuals, Couples, Families, & Groups

Individual Therapy

Online  therapy addresses behavioral and socio-cultural changes. The person is given an opportunity to develop better skills, with a mindset to achieve a good quality of life. 

Family Therapy

online family therapy is the best way to get help with your anxieties, depression, and other mental health issues.

Child Therapy

Online Child therapy is used to help with the emotional, psychological and developmental issues that arise during childhood.

" She made us feel heard and respected, both of which are hard to come by in mental health treatments. We would highly recommend her as"

Ashmi & Ashraf : Age 27 & 30

"Mrs. Sreerekha's online counselling sessions have done wonders for me! She is so understanding and really gets me."

ArunRaj: Age 27

"The quick appointment times, the easy sign-up process, and most importantly, the quality of their counsellors are really what make Healmind standout in my opinion! I'm so glad I found them"

Akshay : Age 29

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Thrissur, Kerala, India

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