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Priyadharshini Clinical Psychologit From Tamil nadu, Speaking Tamil and English , Online Counselling in Tamil


Priyadharshini is a qualified clinical psychologist who empowers clients and fosters resilience. They completed their M.Phil in clinical psychology in 2019, earning an RCI license and becoming a member of the Tamilnadu Association of Clinical Psychologists.

With over five years of expertise, Priyadharshini focuses on identifying the root causes of problems and utilizes a holistic, evidence-based approach to address them. They specialize in cognitive-behavioral therapy and are skilled in psychometric assessments. Priyadharshini tailors interventions to each client’s specific needs, helping them gain self-awareness and progress in therapy.

Their experience encompasses working with diverse populations and their families. Priyadharshini facilitates individualized care by coordinating interventions based on the psychosocial model. They are committed to staying current with the latest advancements in the field and continuously develop their skills.

Profile Summery

Language: Tamil, English

Qualification: Clinical psychologist

RCI Number : A70645

Institute : National Institute for Empowerment
of Persons with Multiple Disabilities
(NIEPMD), Govt. of India, Chennai

Year of Passing :2019

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Job : Clinical psychologist

Experience: 5 Year

Clinical psychologist

Area of Specialisation

Addiction & recovery

Anxiety & Depression

Personality disorders

Martial therapy

Childhood disturbances

Specialised Therapies

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Dialectical behaviour therapy

Rational emotive behaviour therapy

Motivation enhancement therapy

Exposure and response prevention

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